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Southern Anatolia

Yörük Collection

(engl. "A person who wanders" - nomadic tribes, widespread mainly in southern Anatolia)

'Yörük' is a series of paintings in which the artist explores her nomadic roots and deals with the recurring question of identity and origin.

This exploration of her own perception of the region and the history of her roots took place during a two-month stay in the Taurus Mountains with relatives, some of whom still live as nomads. The attempt to capture some of these experiences resulted in translating her own emotions, gathered

from a mixture of her own experiences and family stories, into a series of paintings.


By incorporating the environment during the development of the works, a unique visual language emerges. Part of this process involves the exclusive use of locally collected pigments from the original paths the family once took each spring to reach higher mountain regions to escape the rising heat of summer.

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