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Linz - Austria

Forest [shinrin yoku]

By appealing to our senses, memories awake that hide in the deepest corners of our memory. Memories of being enveloped by nature - warmth, security, tranquillity.

Our sense of smell brings us back to this place, to this memory. A fabric full of scents of the forest hangs in the room and makes us pause, pause for a moment and return for a brief moment to this place of stillness. Through the sense of smell, we immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of the forest, creating the illusion of being in this place.

A fabric about 10m long and 3m high hangs in the middle of the room. Treated with materials from the forest; such as resin, earth and mushrooms. The natural pigments of the organic materials are used simultaneously as apainting medium and thus create an abstract painting. During the reception, not only the visual sense is stimulated, but the senseof smell, the primary component of this work.

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