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The body as a whole, up to the complete dissolution of all boundaries

After drawing and studying many other people and their different body types, I began to discover my own body in an artistic context
- its shape, form, and structures.

I started using Shellack which allows you to loosen the pigments of the printed photography and gives it a smooth melting result. That enabled me to rethink the whole perspective of how we interact with our surroundings. There is one part of our brains that tells us continuously where our bodies end and start. We get a feeling for the reality we are in and how we move in it. With this in mind, the idea of our identity in the physical world is just a construction of our own minds.

These first self-portraits are the first step of a process to discover when and how we are losing these boundaries.

For a long time, I was searching for the right words to describe how and what I feel when I connect with others. The feeling of deep connection and the maelstrom of losing the sense of time and the surrounding. You melt into each other from one moment to another, and suddenly the boundaries of your identity dissolve. I´ve never been able to name these intense feelings, but using the technic I mentioned earlier gives me the chance to communicate this sensation. Through the visual process and the connection to other individuals with their own illusion of identity full of boundaries for the surrounding, I´m able to loosen my own. I get a deeper understanding of how I move in the reality we´re in, and I´m able to slowly break through the constructions of my mind.